Welcome to Lapwings Class

Welcome to the home page of the Lapwings – our Early Years Class. Mrs Abba is the teacher and she’s supported by Mrs Marwood and Miss Brine.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Lapwings Class is all about laying the foundations for ‘school readiness’ and providing high quality teaching and learning opportunities throughout nursery and the first year of school. We encourage our children to be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. We ensure that they learn to develop positive relationships. By responding to the interests of the children within our setting when planning topics and experiences, we ensure that they have the best possible start to their journey through school and beyond.

Our Topic This term is called ‘Winter Wonderland’

In the Winter Wonderland project, your child will explore the seasonal changes that happen during winter. They will find out about the different weather associated with the winter season and explore changes that happens to water as it freezes. They will find out about what happens to plants and animals during cold weather and explore places in the world that are always cold and snowy, including the animals that live there.

Did you know? Click here for some interesting facts about winter

Supporting your child at home


Number; Numerical patterns


Gross motor skills; Fine motor skills


Managing self; Building relationships


People culture and communities; The natural world

Exp A&D

Creating with materials; Being imaginative and expressive


Listening, attention and understanding; Speaking


Comprehension; Word reading; Writing

Memorable experience

Wonderful winter

Innovate challenge

Making winter bird food cakes