Lapwings Class

Autumn Term 1 2020
Do You Want To Be Friends?

This half term, we’ll take a walk around our school to find out about the adults who work there and their workspaces, taking photos as we go. Back in the classroom, we’ll upload and print our photos to compile a ‘Who’s who?’ display of school staff. Working together, we’ll create friendship scenarios using Jelly Babies at the ‘Jelly Babies playground’, and we’ll create a ‘Class jobs board’, allocating responsibilities amongst ourselves. We’ll talk about friendship, being kind and helpful, loneliness and the things we like. What is our most cherished possession? In our literacy lessons we’ll discover new words to describe ourselves, and write sentences to compare and contrast each other. In our mathematics lessons, we’ll match and sort objects, explore pattern and numbers 1, 2 & 3. Getting creative, we’ll tap out rhythms together, and paint our palms to make beautiful patterns to cut out and hang on a class friendship tree.

At the end of the project, we’ll write a thank you letter to someone who helps us at home. We’ll also make and bake salt dough hearts to present to a loved one.

Help your child prepare for their project

Friends are fabulous! Why not create a ‘friends and family tree’ together out of photos? Use different coloured lines to draw links that represent family and friends. You could also create a ‘treasure chest’ out of the things that make you ‘you’.