Key Stage 1 

In Year 1 and 2 we have been so busy - we have really been working our brains hard!

In Maths we have been doing lots of number work and really trying to learn about what each number looks like and represents.  We have ordered numbers, placed them on a number line and learnt all about the < and > symbols. Recently we have been learning our number bonds and we are trying to improve the speed at which we can recall them – as we know we need to be even faster!

In English we have been loving completing our Big Write each week and we are really beginning to show improvements.  We love the fact that Big Write is based on something we want to write about and not something which the teachers tell us we have to write about!
We began by looking at a range of books by the same author: Julia Donaldson. We love her books and we were able to talk about what was similar in her books and the differences we noticed.  There is always lots of rhyming in her books so we were able to join in and think our own rhyming strings.

We have also been working hard on improving our use of capital letters and full stops – this is something we need to keep working on. It’s so tricky when you’re writing to think of everything, that sometimes we forget the basic elements we need to make sure we have in our sentences.

In our Topic lessons we have been learning all about where we live. Finding England on a map and looking at our local areas using Google Earth.  It was great fun to see where we lived on there and go for a virtual walk around the village! We also have done some fantastic art work all about ourselves! We have created self-portraits using a range of different media and learnt how important it was to really look at our facial features carefully and how important good sketching skills are.  We have also really enjoyed learning all about The Good Samaritan and how we too can be Good Samaritans to our friends at classmates whilst we are at school.

We are looking forward to completing lots of themed weeks, all around Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, Remembrance Day and Christmas (amongst others). Please visit soon to see photos of all our exciting learning!